Many of us have over 25 years' experience at the sharp end of this industry. 

We  know what talent is truly worth because we constantly monitor the value that different companies put on their people. So if you're ever curious to know where you stand on salaries, we can very soon tell you.

Above all, we value you. We trade in one unique commodity - talent. We will never send your CV to any clients without first ensuring that they can meet your aspirations. That is why we invest so much time in understanding your personal goals and professional ambitions. We also listen to your concerns. We will advise and guide you to make the right career moves. And, having found the perfect opportunity, we will ensure you excel...
We can offer individually-tailored Coaching, Mentoring and Career Management. These confidential services provide the close personal support that is so essential to professional success. To learn more click here.
Why do we take such care? Because today's candidate is tomorrow's client and lasting relationships build enduring reputations. We hope you agree because your talent is precious. To us.

For more information please contact Steve Clayton:
on: +44 (0) 20 3178 4927 or email him:

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